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St Mary's CE Primary School

St Mary's Church
of England
Primary School


At St Mary's our teaching of phonics is based on the Bug Club Phonics which is produced by Pearsons.

This is a systematic synthetic phonics programme and is taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and is a scheme on the DFE's 2021 approved phonics teaching programme.

For pupils who need additional support with phonics we also use the intervention scheme Fast Track Phonics. 

Multi-Sensory Approach

We also use a range of activities to support the teaching of phonics, including:

  • hand actions/movements to reinforce the sound being learnt or consolidated
  • letter cards: to move around on the floor or to put in order, left to right, in a paper ‘pocket’
  • whiteboards for writing
  • boards with plastic/magnetic letters.

We aim to ensure that the children are physically engaged as active learners, playing many games with them throughout any one phonics session.

We support the teaching of phonics with a range of resources based on this approach, and we ask parents to support this learning at home too.

Below is a video showing how to say the sounds correctly.